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I like iBuyTek due to the great...

I like iBuyTek due to the great customer service and friendly encounter with the sales force.

Jerry M.

May 25, 2019


Really good tech company and reliable and safe to purchase from :)

Jude W.

May 26, 2019

Amazing customer service

Amazing customer service, outstanding price!

Mya M.

May 26, 2019


Worked with us? Find us outstanding? Let us know!


November 28, 2020

Our Purpose

iBuyTek isn't just any old tech shop. We set out on a mission in 2018 when we registered to do business in the state of Wisconsin.

Our mission here at iBuyTek is to keep your used phone from going off to the landfills. We can do this by refurbishing your dust collector, and selling it to someone else.

Before you send us that hunk-o-junk that's sitting in your "I'll organize it next week" drawer or pile, make sure you wipe it clean! By wiping it clean, you'll guarantee the security of your personal information, and you'll make our lives a lot easier.

Then, once you're ready to make some money from that old thing, fill out our sales form and our sales team will be in touch to give you cash for your used device.

We'll even send out the shipping materials and pay for the label! It's absolutely risk-free to get an instant quote, and you will never pay us a dime!

Are you ready to sell us your used phone?